Manufacturing as an industry remains a vital piece of the national economic picture.  Manufacturing companies require a variety of legal services, some of which can be unique to their industry.  To succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment, manufacturing companies need every advantage possible. Whether a company is negotiating a vendor contract, implementing trademark registrations, talking to customers, or protecting its products, having a legal team with knowledge of the industry and the challenges facing manufacturing companies today can be invaluable. With years of experience in helping manufacturing companies of all types, Bush Ross has all of the legal acumen to help companies address their issues efficiently and effectively.

Among others, our clients include manufacturers in the fields of consumer products, food and beverages, industrial and farm machinery, traffic control devices, and aircraft and vehicle parts and accessories.  Our team of attorneys advises our manufacturer clients in all areas of their business, including, among others, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, real estate, environmental, litigation, and employment law.  Our attorneys also possess broad, deep, and practical experience enabling us to serve as valuable strategic partners to emerging companies in all phases of the business lifecycle, from formation and initial capitalization through growth and, if needed, exit strategy. 

For emerging and established clients, we are able to respond promptly to industry specific litigation or legal issues such as antitrust and trade regulation, product defect claims, drafting and negotiation of contracts, distribution and dealers arrangements, trademark and intellectual property protection, and supply chain management.  We stay steadily focused on the best interests of our clients, working diligently to achieve a fair and cost-efficient solution in every matter.

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