Professional Liability

Perhaps because of the widely held belief that professionals in all fields guarantee outstanding results for their clients, professional liability claims are more commonplace than ever before. These claims are even becoming prevalent in domains not previously subject to such suits.  Increasingly, plaintiffs are suing schools, playgrounds, not-for-profit recreational and church organizations, clubs, and special event organizers. Bush Ross has a team of highly skilled attorneys experienced in successfully defending and resolving professional liability matters involving individuals engaged in a broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional specialties and activities, including physicians, mental and occupational health care providers, allied health providers, nurses, attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, title agents, insurance agents and brokers, banking and mortgage professionals, financial planners, adoption agencies, foster care organizations, educators, schools, colleges, religious organizations and professionals, board members, athletic institutions, organizations and its coaches, trainers, officials, and players, media specialists, community leaders, directors and officers, and others who undertake to provide a service and thereby are exposed to risk. No matter the field, we are committed to constantly refining our knowledge of emerging legal theories of liability; of evolving duties, standards, and practices specific to particular disciplines; and of changes in the governing statutes, regulations, or rules unique to each profession.

Our professional liability attorneys have successfully defended professionals in all of these fields at trial and arbitration against claims of malpractice and professional negligence.  Additionally, our attorneys have mastered the intricacies of representing professionals before administrative or regulatory agencies and professional licensing boards that have undertaken to investigate or prosecute a claim.  In all such cases, we endeavor to limit or eliminate liability while protecting our clients’ privacy and professional reputations.

We are available 24/7 to respond to the professional in need when an incident occurs.  We know what to do immediately to protect the professional, preserve the evidence, investigate the claims, and advise the potential insurance carriers and authorities.   We will provide early guidance to the professional about how to best conduct activities following an incident and proceed with the best course of action based on the circumstances.  When a client advises us of a claim, our attorneys conduct a thorough investigation to identify issues and to preserve relevant information and documents while protecting the professional’s confidentiality and minimizing the impact of the case on his or her ongoing practice.  Our clients can trust that we will use all legally available means to protect and preserve their privacy, confidence and standing in their respective professional communities.

Although frequently a national or regional insurance company that provides errors and omissions (E & O) coverage engages us to defend professionals, many professionals directly retain us to represent their interests in professional liability matters. 

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