Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations

Bush Ross attorneys provide legal representation to non-profit organizations and tax-exempt organizations, including private foundations, charitable foundations, religious denominations, churches, private schools, colleges, charter schools, supporting organizations, cultural and community service groups, trade associations, business leagues, social clubs, homeowners associations, and membership organizations.  We assist organizations in forming and creating non-profit organizations, determining their tax-exempt status, applying for and obtaining tax-exempt status through the exemption application process with the Internal Revenue Service, and maintaining their tax-exempt status by filing the required documents with the appropriate agencies and by assisting with the preparation and adoption of governing documents, conflict of interest policies, whistle-blower policies, and other statements and policies unique to non-profit organizations and tax-exempt organizations. 

During the life cycle of a tax-exempt organization, we regularly advise tax-exempt organizations on corporate governance matters, joint ventures, mergers, and dissolution, and we handle complex financing transactions for these activities.  Our attorneys also represent religious denominations and organizations that launch and maintain loan funds that invest in mortgage loans and finance those investments through the sale of debt securities on a national basis.  We also assist private schools, charter schools, churches, and community service organizations in bond financing transactions.  We also advise clients on tax issues particular to tax-exempt organizations such as excise taxes, unrelated business taxable income, private insurement and private benefit restrictions, reasonable compensation issues, and restrictions on political and lobbying activities.  We also advise non-profit organizations and tax-exempt organizations on federal and state laws and regulations related to solicitation and fundraising such as raffles and contests.

Our attorneys are general counsel to international trade associations and advise on antitrust compliance, standard setting, membership issues, protection of trademarks and intellectual property, and other issues.

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