Our appellate litigators stand out for their extraordinary analytical ability and writing skills.   We have a highly diverse team of legal professionals with varying backgrounds, both legal and non-legal, which contribute to an approach which is both innovative and grounded in the best traditions of courtroom advocacy.  Many of our attorneys have served as judicial law clerks both on the trial and appellate level, and in both the state and federal system. They come to practice with impeccable academic credentials, including editorial experience with academic journals as well as publications of their own, and they are frequently asked to participate in educational presentations both for clients and other attorneys. 

Our Appellate Practice Group does not limit itself to a particular subject matter.  Our appellate attorneys are experienced in a wide range of complex and sometimes arcane areas of the law.  They are consistently recognized by judges, peers, and the public at large for the breadth and depth of their legal knowledge and experience.  Our appellate attorneys have briefed and argued a number of highly difficult and legally challenging cases in a broad variety of fields. At the same time, our attorneys remain, first and foremost, committed counselors and dedicated servants of their clients’ interests. 

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