Casualty and Insurance Defense

The attorneys in our Casualty and Insurance Defense Practice Group have vast experience defending a wide range of tort and contract claims within the areas of premises liability, professional liability, defamation, discrimination, insurance, and transportation.  We employ creative and cost-effective means for achieving desired results.  Our attorneys, including several who are Board Certified in Civil Trial, evaluate casualty claims and provide the best strategies for resolution based on client objectives.  From prompt and aggressive motions to eliminate meritless claims, to early settlements of viable claims or sophisticated trial presentations of disputed claims, we will partner with you to effectuate the most appropriate result on a case-by-case basis.

We represent individuals, corporations, manufacturers, institutions, professionals and property owners in all types of claims at the requests of primary insurers, excess and surplus lines insurers and reinsurers. We advise our clients on the impact of these types of matters in terms of personal exposure and individual involvement in the process. Our lawyers have extensive experience with insurance industry practices and policies, and provide comprehensive advice and analyses on all insurance-related matters.  We pride ourselves on early comprehensive assessments, so that you know what to expect, and on achieving desired results within the agreed upon means.     

We defend a wide variety of individuals and organizations involved in professional liability cases such as adoption agencies, medical professionals, sports professionals, teachers and professors, board members, mental health professionals, civic leaders, social workers, real estate brokers and agents, title insurance companies, athletic organizations and officials, and various other types of professionals and technicians.

We have also defended clients in lawsuits involving the transportation industry, ranging from simple motor vehicle accidents to complex aviation and trucking cases.  For example, we represent trucking companies, vehicle manufacturers, car dealerships, and local governments, as well as aircraft manufacturers, owners, and operators, parts distributors, FBOs, pilots, flight schools, airports, and insurers.

Our attorneys’ premises liability experience includes everything from slip-and-fall cases and fires to negligent security and other catastrophic loss claims involving multi-million-dollar exposure.

The attorneys in our Casualty and Insurance Defense Practice Group are retained by individuals or insurance carriers and self- insured corporations to represent individuals and entities in defense of a wide array of claims such as:

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