Creditors’ Rights

Our attorneys have significant experience representing secured and unsecured lenders and specialized servicers to ensure that their interests are protected throughout all aspects of the lending relationship.  Sometimes debtors and lenders work together; however, when enforcing a lender's rights becomes necessary, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle the most even the most complex creditors' rights matters.

Bush Ross handles creditors' rights and collection matters in nearly every industry.  With its bankruptcy, real property, and trial expertise, Bush Ross is uniquely positioned to handle creditors' rights matters for our clients that have local, national and international collection needs.

The Creditors' Rights Practice Group has represented John Deere Company, General Electric Capital Corporation, and a number of other national and regional clients, including several banks and credit unions, in collection matters throughout Florida and the United States.  We offer hourly and contingency based fee arrangements.

Bush Ross is a member of the Commercial Law League of America, the American Lawyers Quarterly and the Wright-Holmes Law List.  We are capable of receiving electronic transfers of collection-related claims and, when necessary, we forward such claims to commercial collection firms in other jurisdictions.

The Creditors' Rights Practice Group's areas of expertise include:

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